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The Salton Sea, born from an engineering accident in 1906 and currently California’s largest lake, has become an ecological disaster from agricultural runoff and pollution after experiencing a shortlived heyday during the 1950s-60s. Once known as the « Californian Riviera » with Frank Sinatra and the Beach Boys as regular visitors to this resort in the desert southeast of Palm Springs, the Salton Sea’s most famous inhabitants now are offbeat eccentrics and boondocking seniors.

La Salton Sea

Née d’une erreur humaine en 1906, la Salton Sea, le plus grand lac de californie, est devenu un disastre écologique après avoir connu la gloire dans les années 50-60. Aujourd’hui quasi-abandonnés, ses rivages racontent l’histoire d’un âge d’or devenu aimant à personnalitées excentriques.

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