Scientist, Jamaican dub legend

Scientist – Tracks (Arte) Juillet 2013 from seb cara on Vimeo.

He came, he mixed, he disappeared… Once Jamaica’s youngest sound engineer, Hopeton Brown, a.k.a. Scientist, started revolutionizing reggae music in 1977 under the apprenticeship of the dub master, King Tubby. Before migrating to the US in 1985, he left a trail of highly sought-after records, and a unique sound that musicians all over the planet, including electro and rap producers, are still trying to figure out the secrets of today. A mysterious and elusive character, this is Scientist’s first TV interview. Broadcast Sept. 7, 2013 in the show Tracks, on Arte TV (France, Germany).

Vidéo © Katie Callan & Sébastien Carayol 2013